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28 cases of alleged illegal activities detected in the 2021 elections in Macau

Throughout 2021, the commissionerate received 712 complaints or denunciations, of which 179 were related to the Legislative Assembly elections of the Chinese special administrative region. On September 11, 2021 alone, the day of reflection during which election propaganda was prohibited, the CCAC detected 84 suspected acts of illegal propaganda carried out through the Internet. A further 16 similar cases were registered during polling day.

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In one of these cases, a relative of a candidate appealed, on the Chinese social network WeChat, to vote for the list the relative was part of, “promising pecuniary advantages in return.”

The act “was considered suspicious of the practice of the crime of electoral corruption,” said the report, with the case being referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In another case, an association of fellow countrymen had to pay a fine of 10,000 patacas (1,200 euros) for organizing “activities aimed at granting benefits to its members” without disclosing that the honorary president of the association was a candidate in the elections. The representative of that candidacy also paid a fine of 10,000 patacas for delivering electoral propaganda material to be distributed to the members of the association, the CCAC revealed.

In contrast, the commission concluded there was no illegality in the case of a bus company in which each of the employees received 6,500 patacas (780 euros) from the operator and 9,000 patacas (1,100 euros) from the parent company.

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One complaint had alleged that the subsidies were awarded “while demanding that workers support a particular candidate list.” However, the investigation concluded that the money was only a “pandemic subsidy” and that the company “did not conduct any election propaganda among its workers nor did it expressly or implicitly demand that workers support a particular list.”

The 2021 parliamentary elections were marked by the exclusion of five lists and 21 candidates, 15 of whom were pro-democracy, for “not defending the Basic Law” of Macau and for not being “loyal to the Macau Special Administrative Region”.

The electoral commission’s decision even prompted the United Nations Human Rights Committee on July 27 to demand changes to Macau’s electoral system, arguing that the authorities should “refrain from using the law to suppress the expression of dissident political criticism and opinions.”

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