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White House wants to bring Brittney Griner to the US

“We will do everything in our power to bring Brittney Griner home safely,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said during the daily press conference.

The official declined to comment on the strategy of the athlete’s legal team, which pleaded guilty, noting that the United States has been working with Griner and her representatives for several months.

American basketball player Brittney Griner pleaded guilty today to drug-related crimes during her trial in Russia, where she has been in preventive detention since February.

“I intend to plead guilty to all charges,” said Griner, noting that he “had no intention of violating Russian laws” and explaining that the situation was motivated by carelessness and haste when packing his bags to leave Russia.

The basketball player, two-time world and Olympic champion with the United States, was arrested in February at Moscow’s Sheremétevo airport after customs officials found cannabis oil among her luggage.

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