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Josefa D’Óbidos’ painting purchased by US public institution

The work, entitled “Pilgrim Infant Jesus,” was for sale for 600,000 euros. The name of the new owner was not revealed. Josefa D’Óbidos’ painting bought by US public institution © FocusCelebration / Global Images A painting by 17th-century Portuguese painter Josefa D’Óbidos that was on sale at the Maastricht Art and Antiques Fair in the Netherlands has been sold to a public institution in the United States, it was announced this Tuesday.

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The work, entitled “Pilgrim Child Jesus”, was on sale for 600 thousand euros in the exhibition of the Luso-French gallerist Philippe Mendes, who did not reveal the final value or the American institution that acquired it.

Besides this painting by Josefa D’Óbidos, which is still on display at the fair, also sold, according to the gallery owner’s statement, was a painting of “high value” from the XVI/XVII centuries, representing “S. Vicente”, by an early artist. Vicente”, by the Portuguese primitive artist Garcia Fernandes, was also sold.

This piece was sold to a German private collector, a specialist in Southern European painting, whose name was also not revealed. In the exhibitor, the Paris-based Philippe Mendes Gallery, there is also for sale Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro’s painting “In the Forest of Fontainebleau” (portrait of Artur Loureiro, 1882), worth 450,000 euros.

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