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Chinese New Year: Visitors exceed thirty thousand

These are the most up-to-date figures for the flow of visitors this New Year – until yesterday, 30413 people had visited Macau, which means an 80.8 percent drop compared to the same festive period last year, according to information that is being advanced. Tourism Services.

As for visitors from Mainland China, there were 27,264 people, which translates into a decrease of 70.2 percent compared to last year.

In the movement on the borders on this third day of the new year – between midnight and 5 pm, 57,842 people had entered and, as for the exits, 52,579 had left Macau.

The Portas do Cerco border post continues to lead this flow of people – 47,199 entries, and 42,941 exits.
This drop in the volume of transit of people at the borders as well as the number of visitors was a scenario that was already expected by the Government, even before the start of activities, due to the pandemic.

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