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Russia does not expect “anything good” from Joe Biden

Russia does not expect “anything good” from the future President of the United States, Joe Biden, believing that its foreign policy will be guided by “russophobia”, said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov.

“We do not expect anything good, that is clear. It would be strange to expect well from the people who, for many of them, made russophobia their career, pouring bile into my country,” he told Russian news agency Interfax, after further tensions between the two countries because of a gigantic cyber attack in the United States attributed to Moscow.

Riabkov is responsible for relations with the Americas and remains one of the main interlocutors of the US State Department.

In his opinion, Moscow should have only a “selective dialogue” with the United States of America (USA), aiming only at “matters of interest to Russia”.

As for the rest, there must be a policy of “total containment of the United States in all directions, because the US policy towards Russia is deeply hostile”, he considered.

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