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In end of the year, here comes the bad news : in UK, a variant of the coronavirus has appeared, this is more more contagious. Immediately, many European countries announced banning the flights from British entry. Recently, the Macau government announced that, the people from outside mainland China or Taiwan, need to be quarantined for 21 days. Some Macau students studying in the UK said that they might not return to Macau during the Christmas holidays.

There is much more decision to be made. Vaccines are about to arrive in Macau, this has become a hot topic recently. The Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng said that vaccination must be voluntary, and citizens will not be forced to vaccinate. There is no evidence that the vaccine is invalid for the virus variant, but this uncertainty is also worrying.

In response to pandemic, the Macau government made a series of policy to prevent. These are welcome by the citizens. Every decision made by the government is supported by scientific reasons, and local residents are willing to cooperate. Hearing opinions is not difficult, and making a decision requires careful consideration.

At the end of the year, looking back on 2020, what decisions you made is right? What decisions you have regretted?

And for 2021, what decisions need to be made?

*Chinese editor of Plataforma Macau

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