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Who is the “Portuguese drug lord” being tried in Lisbon

Arrested in three countries, he was already sentenced to the maximum sentence and then released. He is now on trial in Lisbon for the crime of drug trafficking.

The trial of what is considered by the Judiciary Police as the biggest drug dealer in Portugal, Franklim Lobo, started this Thursday in the Lisbon Court.

Franklim Lobo, 65, is accused by the Public Ministry of crimes of aggravated drug trafficking. The trial was supposed to have started in November, but an outbreak of covid-19 in jail where the “Portuguese drug lord” awaits in preventive detention led to the postponement of the session.

Preventively detained since 2019, when he was last detained, Franklim Lobo has a long history of problems with justice, since the 1980s, when he started taking his first steps in crime.

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