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Vital economic recovery plan announced in the United States

The announcement of the resumption of negotiations in the United States to approve a plan to support the economy on Thursday provided some hope for families affected by the crisis, the AFP news agency said.

Teams of elected Democratic and Republican Senate and House of Representatives met on Thursday afternoon to address two issues, including a relaunch plan, a Democratic source said in Congress.

“The federal government should provide support as soon as possible and with the flexibility to respond to the needs of the state,” responded President-elect Joe Biden.

This aid includes support for businesses, schools, families, workers, the unemployed, for the education of children or for healthcare.

“In this pandemic, everything is necessary. States and communities should not dismiss teachers, police, firefighters, suppress vital services, ”said Joe Biden.

Discussions to vote on a new plan follow urgent measures approved in March, worth more than $ 2,200 billion (€ 1,835 billion).

However, the deep disagreements between the two parties were exacerbated by a particularly fractious electoral campaign, and since the presidential elections on November 3, negotiations have been blocked.

Its resumption was much awaited, either by millions of Americans, faced with unemployment and loss of income, or by small businesses on the verge of bankruptcy.

This announcement caused a rise in the Wall Street Exchange at closing time.

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