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“A Moro partnership with the United States aimed at destroying Lula,” say lawyers for the former president

João Almeida Moreira

In an interview with DN, regarding the launch in Portugal of the book Lawfare: An Introduction, the defenders of the former union leader who was president between 2003 and 2011 also claim that without the practice of “legal war” Bolsonaro would not be president of Brazil today.

Lula da Silva’s lawyers believe in a partnership of interests between the leaders of Operation Lava Jato and the U.S. government to accuse Lula da Silva and thereby leave him out of the 2018 elections, which ended up won by Jair Bolsonaro. Without this “legal war”, Bolsonaro, who would invite the leader of the operation Sérgio Moro to his super-minister of Justice and Security, would not be elected, the DN Cristiano Zanin and Valeska Martins, authors, also say with the jurist Rafael Valim, Lawfare: An Introduction.

The book, on sale in Brazil for almost a year, arrives today in Portugal, edited by Almedina and with a preface by Francisco Louçã. The online presentation will be attended by Ana Rita Duarte de Campos and deputy Pedro Bacelar de Vasconcelos, starting at 6 pm.

Here is DN’s conversation with the three authors, regarding Lawfare, but also Lula.

Lula is or has been the target of more than a dozen actions: isn’t it a little difficult to argue before the public that all these processes are due only to a political war?
Cristiano Zanin: All the processes have in common the fact that they are devoid of any materiality. These are accusatory hypotheses built not on the basis of concrete elements, but on the basis of “conviction”, that is, what some members of the Brazilian Justice System who do not like former President Lula imagined in order to put him in prison and to withdraw it from politics. So much so that until now we have managed to acquit Lula in five cases in which the former president was tried outside the Lava Jato de Curitiba. That is, when impartial and independent judges analyzed the accusations in the light of the defense we have presented, they acquitted Lula. Only in the lawsuits originated in Curitiba, where Lula’s condemnation was predefined, has this result not yet occurred. But we have the real expectation that these Lava Jato de Curitiba cases will be annulled by the Federal Supreme Court in view of the indisputable partiality of the then judge Sérgio Moro, who did all the instructions and even tried one of them.

We have a habeas corpus that has been pending judgment since December 2018 at the Supreme Court, which was greatly reinforced by the incredible dialogues between prosecutors and then-judge Sérgio Moro disclosed by the series that became known in Brazil as Vaza Jato, captained by The Intercept portal Brazil. The fact is that, even with all the media campaign and psychological operations carried out by Lava Jato, our technical work, associated with some recent facts, ended up opening up the lawfare practiced against Lula, and this is being noticed by a significant part of the population, also reflected in the processes involving the ex-president.

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