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Doctors are “exhausted” and with a “thorn stuck in their skin”

Doctors are unable to monitor more than 70,000 active, covid patients and do everything they have done before.

The association representing family doctors warns that there is an urgent need to postpone surveillance visits and all kinds of unnecessary tasks. The covid-19 gives more and more work, the infected do not stop increasing and many functions are considered absurd, leaving doctors “exhausted”, with the National Association of Family Health Units adding that there are professionals who are already in burnout.

The president of the Portuguese Association of General and Family Medicine stresses that it is family doctors who monitor all cases of Covid-19 isolated at home, that is, at this time, with the outbreak of the pandemic, more than 70 thousand people, in addition to of a few thousand other users who have not yet tested positive but await ‘news’ about their test.

“Madness” and “a thorn”

Rui Nogueira admits that “it has been crazy to work because we have to recover the time we lost in March, April, May, with limitations to consultations, but now we have patients in isolation, three times more than what happened at the peak of April, and the need to respond to the needs of other patients. It is a huge, enormous amount of work ”.

In the midst of countless problems, there is one that stands out because it visibly irritates family doctors: the computer platform, under the name of Trace Covid, to detect and then connect, daily, to all cases of coronavirus, in a task considered “Redundant”, in most cases, and absurdly laborious.

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