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Bolsonaro raises suspicions of foreign interference in US elections

President wrote on social network that this type of external interference can also occur in Brazil

On election day in the United States, President Jair Bolsonaro stated that the American election arouses “global interests” that generate suspicions of “interference by other powers” ​​in the poll results and claimed that Brazil may also be the target of “external interference ”With electoral objectives.

“It is undeniable that the American elections arouse global interests, in particular, because they influence geopolitics and the projection of world power. Even so, in the field of information, there is always a strong suspicion of the interference of other powers, in the final result of the polls ”, Bolsonaro wrote in a social network. He goes on to say that “in Brazil, especially for its agricultural potential, we may suffer decisive external interference, in the search, right now, for an internal policy sympathetic to these powers, aiming at the elections of 2022”.

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