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André Jordan: “I consider China’s growth to be very positive for the world”

Considered by many as “the father of Portuguese tourism”, André Jordan needs no introduction. At the age of 87, 50 of whom linked to the sector, the visonary entrepreneur talked to PLATAFORMA about almost everything. The creator of the luxurious Portuguese enterprises Quinta do Lago, Vilamoura XXI and Belas Clube de Campo, recently launched his book of memories of a life full of stories and some adventures to tell. On election days in the USA, André Jordan assumes that he does not die of love for the current President of the USA, considering that if Joe Biden’s victory is massive, Donald Trump will not be able to contest the result, however “if the victory is narrow, the world will enter a difficult journey ”

In this year of crisis, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it invested heavily in Belas Clube de Campo. Why?

André Jordan Group and our investors decided to keep the investment program in progress, which consists of 100 housing units between apartments and townhouses in Lisbon Green Valley, which is the new stage of Belas Clube de Campo. In addition to these constructions, single-family plots of free construction within the urban conditions for occupying the plot. The first phase of the project consists of 850 rooms and the championship golf course. We have also moved forward with the expansion of the Country Club facilities both in the sports area, which includes new tennis and paddle courts and catering. It is interesting to note that the location of Belas Clube de Campo and the project’s sustainability characteristics meet the new demand for space and contact with nature.

He said one day that “the Portuguese have a great complex in relation to tourism”. What did you mean by that?

Portugal has a cult for the academic and a complex in relation to the service industries. Despite everything that happens in relation to tourism, there is still a certain prejudice regarding the provision of services, which is the visible tip of the most diverse and complete of industries, which involves all sectors of the economy, from agriculture to banking.

Is it still worth investing in the Algarve? How are Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura doing?

As I am not informed about the business of these two ventures, I can say that they appear to be in good health and continued development for 50 years, always more valued.

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