City first Western medicine and TCM center to treat Parkinson's launched

City first Western medicine and TCM center to treat Parkinson’s launched

The city’s first one-stop Parkinson’s disease diagnosis and treatment center combining Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine was launched at Xinhua Hospital on Sunday

“Successful treatment of Parkinson’s patients’ motor complications is difficult,” said Dr Liu Zhenguo, director of Xinhua’s neurology department. “The best choice is to prevent it happening and developing. The new center will better regulate and manage patients’ treatment. The longer we can help patients retain their ability of self care, the bigger the victory of the center.”

The hospital released a guideline on Western medicine and TCM treatment for Parkinson’s motor complications in July. It said the combination can alleviate non-motor symptoms like depression, pain, anxiety, inability to sit still and repetition of certain stereotyped behaviors.

“Parkinson’s patients need long-term management for monitoring and testing as well as changes in treatment plans,” Liu said.

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