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Portuguese parliament approves post-mortem insemination

The parliamentary left, alongside the PAN, the Iniciativa Liberal and the two non-registered deputies, approved this Friday the post-mortem insemination.

Portuguese law allows a woman to proceed with PMA when, on the date of the death of her partner, the act of insemination has already taken place. But the same is not true if the process has not yet reached the creation of an embryo. In this case, the law says that “it is not lawful for a woman to be inseminated with semen of the deceased, even if the latter has consented to the act of insemination”.

An article that is revoked in four bills that were voted on this Friday, one of which was a legislative initiative by citizens that collected more than 20,000 signatures and was generally approved. The proposal has as its first subscriber Ângela Ferreira, a woman who intends to become pregnant with her husband who died before the PMA process reached the insemination stage. In addition to this, three more bills with the same objective were approved, from PS, BE and PCP. Five PS deputies abstained from voting on the various projects.

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