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Brazilian military mistook Caetano Veloso for a mexican singer in 1968

With the release of the documentary Narciso em Férias, last month, the arrest of Caetano Veloso in 1968 became a subject again

The artist was arrested in São Paulo and taken to Rio de Janeiro along with Gilberto Gil. Days later, he learned what was being accused: he would have parodied the National Anthem during a performance at the Sucata nightclub in Rio. The information was released by journalist Randal Juliano (1925-2006) on TV Record’s Guerra é Guerra program. However, the fact never happened and Caetano got witnesses to defend him in the process. Even so, he was not acquitted and had to leave the country.

A document produced by the military regime, which appears in the film for the first time, shows that another false allegation served as a justification for keeping Caetano imprisoned. A record of the singer and songwriter with the song Che, honoring the guerrilla Che Guevara, would have been seized.

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