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China joins agreement to distribute Covid-19 vaccine to poorer nations

China signed an agreement to ensure that, in the future, the Covid-19 vaccine is distributed to developing countries. The country thus joins the effort of the World Health Organization to control the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

COVAX is an initiative of the World Health Organization that aims to deliver vaccines to the poorest countries as soon as they are developed, and to prevent the wealthier countries from limiting the distribution of pharmaceuticals produced by their companies.

According to a spokeswoman for China’s foreign affairs ministry, Hua Chunying, joining the COVAX project “is an honor” and promises to “make Covid-19 vaccines a public good”.

However, he gave no details regarding the funding he will make available to the initiative, which aims to raise US $ 2 billion and plans to assist 92 countries with a future vaccine.

Chinese vaccines “will be distributed to developing countries as a priority,” said Hua, and adds that Beijing hopes that “more capable countries can join and support COVAX”.

The United States of America, another major world power, has not joined COVAX until now.

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