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Government to collect unpublished sound recordings of Amália Rodrigues

Portugal’s minister of culture on Tuesday said that the government will bring to Portugal sound recordings of the fadista Amália Rodrigues that are scattered around the world, some of which are unpublished or unknown.

Graça Fonseca announced this measure at the beginning of the session to commemorate the centenary of Amália Rodrigues’ birth, at the National Pantheon in Lisbon, before speeches by the mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, and the prime minister, António Costa.

“The Ministry of Culture will begin the process of bringing Amália Rodrigues’ sound recordings to Portugal, many unpublished and even unknown creations that are scattered around the world,” Graça Fonseca said.

She then said that the goal is to gather and recover in Portugal the largest possible collection of sound recordings of the artist.

“We want to safeguard forever this very valuable sound heritage of Amália Rodrigues, with its universal dimension and at the same time so ours,” she added.

Amália Rodrigues was one of the artists that popularised the Portuguese music genre ‘Fado’. She was born on 23 July 1920 and died on 6 October 1999.

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