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“Eventually all schools in the world will have classrooms abroad”

In the United States of America, the race for safer solutions for face-to-face education began. Canadian company Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds has received orders from around the world for the construction of classrooms abroad.

A blackboard, a desk for the teacher and desks for the students, two meters apart. The classic classroom environment leaves no room for mistakes: the space is for learning. But looking around is also recognizing a reality in which the natural environment is confused with the school.

Adam Bienenstock, founder and designer of Canadian company Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds, tells TSF that the pandemic has precipitated a radical change in schools. “The business we have had for 30 years focuses on out-of-doors education, it was dedicated to playful moments of play. My father [John Bienenstock] is known as the father of mucosal immunology and one of the best immunologists in the world. In December we started talking about the pandemic and we thought about changing the business following science. We asked ourselves what would be the best way to offer education, to create learning environments. ”

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