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Study reveals that the world is becoming anti-democratic

Countries that closed themselves to democracy in 2019 outnumber those that opened up. The data comes from a study that mapped more than 200 criteria for political freedom in 179 countries since 1900

The greatest democracy in the world is no longer that. In 2019, India left that status and went on to be classified as a hybrid regime by DeMaX – a study that evaluates more than 200 items of political freedom, equality and legal control in 179 countries since 1900.

More than an isolated case, the trajectory of the Indian regime is an eloquent example of a broad movement of de-democratization registered by the recently released study.

In the country of 1.366 billion inhabitants, loss of religious freedom, repression of protests, violation of human rights and collision with the judiciary explain the entry into the group of countries that lost the label of democracies in 2019.

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