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Luanda police admit victim victim in squad invasion was a 15 year old child

A child under the age of 15 died on Thursday of being shot by a National Police officer while trying to disperse some of the people who invaded the Petrangol police station at night, in the Ossos neighborhood, Cazenga municipality, in Luanda

The popular tried to invade the police station, in protest against the action of the corporation for protecting an alleged marginal inside the unit, the Jornal de Angola learned. The National Police spokesman in Luanda, Chief Inspector Nestor Goubel, informed Jornal de Angola that the case occurred when a group of exalted individuals took a presumed offender to the Police Station dos Ossos, operational territory of the Petrangol police station. accused of committing a crime of theft.

At around 9 pm, individuals dissatisfied with the way the case was being treated rose up against the agents of the National Police on duty and in an attempt to disperse them, one of the officers “fired into the air with a pistol, whose bullet ricocheted and hit Helena Sebastião Mussunda’s chest, 15 years old ”, said Nestor Goubel.

According to the National Police spokesman in Luanda, the victim was in the middle of the crowd running wildly in the middle of the street and “did not even realize that she had been hit by the stray bullet, ending up, minutes later, by fall on the street ”.

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