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Bolsonaro highlights commitment to democracy and Constitution

President also said that sovereignty and freedom are the country’s values.

President Jair Bolsonaro made a statement to the nation tonight (7), Independence Day of the Republic, and reaffirmed his commitment to the Constitution and the preservation of “sovereignty, democracy and freedom, values ​​that our country will never give up on. ”.

“Brazil’s independence deserves to be celebrated today, from our homes and in our hearts. Independence gave us the freedom to decide our destinies and we used it to choose democracy. We form a people who believe they can do better. We are a God-fearing nation that respects the family and loves its homeland. Proud to be Brazilian ”, said the president.

Still in the statement, Bolsonaro said that since independence, Brazil has told the world that it would not be submissive to any other nation and that Brazilians would not abdicate freedom. The president highlighted the participation of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) in the fight against Nazism and fascism and also highlighted the miscegenation of Brazilians.

“The national identity started to be designed with the miscegenation between Indians, whites and blacks. Subsequently, waves of immigrants succeeded each other, bringing hopes that their lands had lost. Religions, beliefs, behaviors and views were assimilated and respected. Brazil developed a sense of tolerance, the different became equal. The legacy of this mixture is a set of cultural, ethnic and religious gems, which have been integrated into national customs and proudly assumed to be Brazilian. ”

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