Every man for himself

Every man for himself

The virus was still called Coronavirus and a pandemic was a word that sent us back to the last century and Pope Francis was already asking the world’s businessmen not to fire employees.

A warned man with a life story that gives him enough ballast to know that the most fragile are the first to suffer – I leave here the suggestion, for those who have not yet seen, to watch the film “The Two Popes”, Pope Francis gave the alert – that many even considered extemporaneous – so that at the first tightening of the confinement the first reaction was not, shall we say, reactive. The Pope predicted that the world would stop, the economy would retract and unemployment would be certain.

On March 23, 2020, the Pope said the fight against the pandemic cannot be based on “every man for himself”.

After six months, it is with surprise, I confess, I receive the news that the Sanctuary of Fátima, in Portugal, is carrying out a restructuring plan, including the dismissal of up to 50 of its 308 workers.

And what’s the reason for this? “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen a very significant decrease in the number of pilgrims at the sanctuary, especially foreigners. Between March 13 and May 30, the sanctuary had no pilgrims and since we have started the deconfiguration, resuming the celebrations with the presence of pilgrims, the truth is in June, July and August, we have decreased the number pilgrims in organized groups, especially foreign groups, in more than 95% ”, says the spokeswoman of the Catholic Church.

Just change the word “Sanctuary” and this declaration can be applied to a shoe company, auto parts, or a restaurant – or whatever activity you like best – that intends to effect a dismissal process.

The fight against the pandemic is not limited to vaccines, confinements.

The fight against the pandemic will only be won when we all realize that nothing will be the same in our lives, in our businesses, in our jobs.

The fight against the pandemic will only be won when it is not based on “every man for himself”.

Pope Francis said it in March. Nobody heard. Not even those who owe him obedience.

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