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Pragmatism with tail out

The thesis that the “trade war” – or rather, technological and geostrategic – between China and the United States serves only a circumstantial agenda, dominated by Trump’s radical liberalism, which burns unseen, is increasingly strong. just to think that Chinese communist capitalism will lead the world economy.

Portuguese-speaking diplomats, as well as Europe, protect their eastern ties, in a resilient waiting rhythm that allows one day to unite the ends between two powers that risk a Cold War that does not serve the general and planetary interest.

More pragmatic, Xi Jinping is again launching challenges to negotiations so that Washington and Beijing understand each other in key sectors such as financial regulation, economic opening (two-way) or the map of the blocks of ideological influence … But there is an elephant in the room; or a cat hidden with its tail out: quantum computing and artificial intelligence scare the West, because they foreshadow Chinese leadership. We have published in this newspaper clear signs of the post-covid future in the Greater Bay, where technological hubs such as Shenzhen accelerate sectors such as the medical industry, artificial intelligence or the blue economy; on a global scale.

The future is not understood without these movements. Anticipating them, Trump reacts with gall and muscle, trying to delay reality and regain control of time. But it’s late. The only solution is now political and negotiating; following the pragmatism of the Treaty of Tordesillas, which in another era, pacified Iberian tension. The two great powers must coexist, with their abilities, crazes and ghosts. This is a time when space management needs bridges.

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