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Expectant tourism for the return of visa issuance

With six days to reissue tourist visas for Guangdong province, the Government has moderate expectations for resuming visits. Invited this morning from the Macau Forum, by Ou Mun Tin Toi, Lau Fong Chi, from the Tourism Services, says that, although there is no estimate at this time, potential visitors need time to plan a visit to Macau in times of a pandemic. .

The official says that “it is not enough to open the door and people come back. People have yet to take the test, ”he began by saying in statements to Radio, after leaving the program. “I think we will see, later, when visas start to be issued and how everything develops. I think people will take some time, step by step, and assess the situation before planning a trip to Macau, ”added Lau Fong Chi, saying that the Government is“ looking forward ”to what happens from the 26th.

The Executive will issue, through social networks and other communication channels, the measures that visitors must adopt. In addition to the nucleic acid test and health codes, the use of masks and recurrent hand washing are also on the list of recommendations.

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