Macau authorities do not rule out food as a source of contagion in Covid-19

Macau authorities do not rule out food as a source of contagion in Covid-19

After WHO stated that food is not a source of contagion, the Macao Health Services stressed that this is a means of transmission that will be given the utmost attention after contaminated chicken wings have been found. Testing of casino workers should end within days

after meat contaminated with the new type of coronavirus was found, namely frozen chicken wings, imported from Brazil to Shenzhen, the Health Services (SS) reiterated the continuity of reinforcing the number of analyzes carried out on food entering Macau. This, despite the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that people “should not fear food or food packaging” as sources of contagion of covid-19. The guarantee was left on Friday by the coordinator of the Center for Disease Prevention and Surveillance, Leong Iek Hou.

“The IAM [Institute for Municipal Affairs] has been testing imported meat. We know that if the products are infected and we contact them, afterwards, for example, with our hands in our eyes, we can be contaminated. In addition, as these infected products can also contaminate the place where they are, if people remain there and there is a lack of air circulation, they can also contract the disease. That is why, at this moment, the Macao SAR Government attaches great importance to imported products, namely frozen and chilled products, which we will continue to test, ”said the official, at the covid-19 update conference.

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