Plataforma Media - "It is not acceptable for a young continent like Africa to have leaders over the age of 60"

“It is not acceptable for a young continent like Africa to have leaders over the age of 60”

Mmusi Maimane, a former leader of the Democratic Alliance (AD), one of the most important opposition parties in South Africa, encourages the widespread participation of young people in democratic processes.

Mmusi Maimane gave an interview at MOZEFO Young Leaders, where he explains that, although politics is an area that imposes some limits on youth, there are always opportunities and spaces for political intervention by young people.

“I think that being living on the African continent, with mostly developing countries, it gives us better opportunities to mobilize young people,” he said. But, for this to happen, the politician considers it imperative that there is a certain growth and evolution in the education that is proposed to young people. “Our education results have to improve so that we can have well-trained and informed young people, with a culture of human rights and participation in the defense of their interests”, and added “Therefore, I want to urge you not to be manipulated by older leaders who simply need your vote and not your ideas ”.

Once again, it considers quality education and training to be a fundamental pillar in order to avoid situations in which the youngest are manipulated.

Maimane goes even further, saying that, after a certain age, it no longer makes sense for a person to consider a presidency or any position of broad importance in the development and future of a country. “It is not accepted that Africa being a young continent, the majority of our leaders and presidents are over the age of sixty, so I want to encourage the participation of young people in democratic processes,” he reflects.

This strong call for young people to mobilize in the democratic processes of the African continent has a foundation. According to Maimane, young people are more concerned with “environmental issues, employment and education” and, unfortunately, “Most leaders in Africa do not hear the voice of young people”.

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