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South African army prepared to enter Cabo Delgado


The South African army is preparing its troops to enter Mozambique, according to what Africa Intelligence reports.

The same news also reports that Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has not yet asked for military support from Cyril Ramaphosa, his South African counterpart. However, the truth is that the Wallmannsthal military base, near Pretoria, is “increasingly occupied since the beginning of July ”.

The magazine also writes that the South Africans have already formed a rapid intervention unit, having started an intensive training program. This position, according to some sources, is concerned with “the self-proclaimed Islamic insurrection that is consuming Cabo Delgado”. In this way, South Africa intends to have a unit ready to intervene.

The South Africans, namely General Mankayi, even consider that “a mission of less than two months may be sufficient to stabilize the region, although they do not have full information about the Mozambican conflict.

Mercenaries also help

It should be noted that the Mozambican government has already relied on mercenaries to help in this struggle in Cabo Delgado. Filipe Nyusi hired Lionel Dyck’s company, specialized in this type of situations. The same, however, already revealed his concern for this situation, a few weeks ago.

“The Mozambican Defense Forces are not prepared and have few resources and we have to move quickly. Some of the atrocities committed are unlike anything I have seen before and I have seen many wars in many different places. The massacre that followed the attack on the Quissanga Police Post involved the mutilation of bodies, the cutting of limbs and we believe that the attackers ate some parts of the body. Despite this barbarism, this enemy is organized, motivated and well equipped. If we don’t reach that point, it will spread quickly to the south and it will be a catastrophe for the entire region ”, considered the businessman in an interview with Africa Unauthorized.

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