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Urban Nights: thematic initiatives promote local businesses

The crisis generated by the new coronavirus pandemic is leaving many businesses on the verge of ruin. With that in mind, Rui Carreiro and Cristiana Figueiredo decided to promote Urban Nights, a series of themed events that aim to get more people to consume what is created and made in Macau.

So, after an event dedicated to photography, there are initiatives related to fashion and music, without forgetting fado.

Rui Carreiro, owner of the Urban Tribe restaurant space, and Cristiana Figueiredo, owner of Cuppa Coffee, decided to join forces to combat the crisis facing many of the local businesses since the covid-19 pandemic began, due to the lack of tourists. The idea is to organize thematic events, with the name “Urban Nights”, in various places in the territory in order to promote the work of local artists. In addition, residents are expected to spend money from consumer cards in Macau’s commercial spaces and not in international brand stores.

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