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In the name of Memory – Anniversary of 2019 Yuen Long attack

2019 Yuen Long attack marks its first anniversary under the shadow of controversial National Security Law and the third wave of COVID-19

721 (The date of 2019 Yuen Long attack) has become one of the most important political symbol of Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement.  It leads to a  deep democratic crisis of Hong Kong . One year ago , armed mob of men dressed in white indiscriminately attacked passengers  in the Yuen Long Station

One year later, tear gas fired from police while hundreds of citizen took take part in peaceful sit-in to mark the anniversary.

Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement has caused many controversial civil collisions , that worth further discussed, except 2019 Yuen Long attack

2019 Yuen Long attack is a watershed moment , just a few weeks before the attack, millions join demonstration on the street  two weekends  in a row , the peaceful rally create an unprecedented public monuments , and it was still the good old days Hong Kong citizen still believe Hong Kong is a democratic society and people can battle government decisions by peaceful rally and public power. After the night of 2019 Yuen Long attack, rumors of the collusion between police and Triads turns into fact, and walk into the real life. Finally people discovered that, authority remains silent without a moral bottom line under the shadow of the current voting system and political structure.  The fairy-tale of one country two system has finally faded away, , triggering more intensive and large-scale protests throughout Hong Kong.

One year later , Hong Kong  farewell one country two system and waiting for national security law,  the truth of 2019 Yuen Long attack has remains unknown.

We are more forgetful than we thought we would be, and justice always comes with a price.  Truth is easy to twisted in a social media dominating society , In less than a year there are so many different twisted version  of 2019 Yuen Long attack , and upheld by the pro-Beijing camp .

Yes, video can be deleted,  people may need to reains silsent under the national security of law, but memory is the most solid weapon.

It is not the best time of Hong Kong, the night of 2019 Yuen Long attack is so dark and prolonged till now, However, once people truly believe light is not far away,  hope is always come along, yes, as long as people refuse to forget what ‘d happened,  truth would finally reveal itself one day.

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