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Yes, of course

“I am a father because I have no uterus. If I had I would be a mother. That simple “.

“Man is man, woman is woman, it is a blessing, and whoever wants to be different, be happy, but do not be what you are not.”

“I think Natura is going to buy an ugly fight with the Conservatives !!! Why do they want wrong to be right and right to be wrong ?? I no longer consumed the same products, right now I’m not going !! “

“Is that serious? If so, boycott in natura !! Let’s unite for moralization and respect for families !! “

“My father raised 10 children, that’s right, 10, and now this company is coming to honor Father’s Day with Thammy Miranda, oh everything has a limit. The sperm was hers ?? It’s over, turned into clowning! “

“Being a father is God’s God destined for MEN!”

What is written above can be read on twitter, added by one of the hashtags that grew rapidly during this Monday (07/27) on the social network in Brazil: #naturanao.

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