Technology inactive in a minute more than 99% of the virus in the air

Pioneering technology inactive in a minute more than 99% of the virus in the air

System eliminates particles in a few seconds. A technology developed in Oliveira do Hospital.

A pioneering technology, which manages to inactivate 99.97% of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles in the air in a minute, has just been developed in Portugal, it was announced this Tuesday.

The new technology to combat Covid-19 was created as part of a project led by the BLC3 Technology and Innovation Campus, in Oliveira do Hospital, in partnership with the University of Minho and the Faculties of Pharmacy of the universities of Lisbon and Coimbra , the coordinator of the investigation, João Nunes, told Lusa.

“In one minute, of 16,982 SARS-CoV-2 virus particles, in a sample, only five particles were not inactivated (‘dead’, in common sense), which gave a result of 99.97%. And, after five and 15 minutes, total inactivity was obtained, 100%, and without any variation in the behavior of the virus ”, stresses João Nunes.

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