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Bolsonaro, a matter of life or death

We have already seen the President of Brazil defend the most indefensible things. Even infected with the new coronavirus, its public stance has not changed. Bolsonaro was happy to appear, to advertise the use of hydroxychloroquine, the medicine for malaria which effectiveness in combating Covid-19 is far from proven, in short, he ensured that he would “live a long time”. In other words, he insisted on being himself, populist, amoral and dangerously strategist.

The life of the Planalto tenant and what he does with it is directly related to the lives or deaths of its constituents. There are more than 1250 killed by Covid-19 in Brazil, there are more than 45 thousand infected and for every time Bolsonaro opens his mouth to speak he may be digging another grave.

*Journalist at Plataforma

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