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Sick, unemployed and depressed

The fear of being infected by the coronavirus is not the greatest or the most unusual of fears.

The beast is bringing others, with bigger mouths. The fear of being unemployed, the fear of going into depression and not going out. In an even more Dantesque scenario, afraid of getting sick, unemployed and depressed associated with three “d” in a hellish trilogy. The ancients say that there is no solution to death. So it is, but the countries already have action, without losing a second.

The International Labor Organization has come to correct as its changes to the worst and second seconds, to reduce the number of hours worked in the second quarter of this year, equivalent to 400 million full-time jobs. 400 million. In most cases, each individual job carries one person in all its construction and needs, and a family behind. Let’s talk about 400 million people with a face, soul and dignity.

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