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Sale of new cars in the EU falls 52.3% in May

The sale of new cars in the EU fell 52.3% in May, less than in April, following the reopening of dealers in many countries, official data published today indicate.

The number of new cars registered in the EU had decreased by 55.1% in March and 76.3% in April, during the confinement established in most countries to stop the spread of covid-19.

Deliveries from the Renault group (with Dacia, Lada and Alpine) fell 52.5% and those from the PSA group (Peugeot, Citroën, Opel / Vauxhall, DS) 56.4%, announced the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) , in a statement.

In total, only 581,161 new passenger cars were put on the road in the EU in the last month, compared to 1,217,259 in May 2019.

Spain suffered the biggest drop (-72.7%), while France (-50.3%), Italy (-49.6%) and Germany (-49.5%) benefited from the beginning of the deflationary process.

In Portugal, operators registered 7,579 cars last month, 71.6% less than in the same period last year, while in the first five months of the year the number of vehicles put on the road fell 46.8%, according to data from the Automobile Association of Portugal ( ACAP), released on June 1st.

The sector is among those most affected by the pandemic, which led to the closure of factories and the suppression of jobs.

On Tuesday, British builder Jaguar Land Rover announced it would cut 1,100 jobs in the UK after a pre-tax loss of £ 500 million (about € 557 million) in the first quarter.

Luxury car maker Bentley earlier this month indicated the suppression of 1,000 jobs.

Renault will eliminate 15,000 jobs worldwide, 4,600 of which in France, said the French car manufacturer in late May.

The director of the Automotive Research Center, Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, said that vehicle production in Germany is expected to decline 26% this year, dropping to 3.4 million units, the lowest in 44 years.

According to the industry expert, the drop in sales could lead to the loss of 100 thousand jobs in the country.

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