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Italian city ‘covid-free’ sells houses for 1 euro

The small Italian town of Cinquefrondi, located in Calabria, launched a project to sell houses in the historic center for just one euro as a way to revitalize an abandoned area years ago.

With just over 6,500 inhabitants, and using the fact that it has no cases of coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2), the city has already made two homes available for renovations. The City Hall’s request is that the owners of the current abandoned houses accept the partnership and cede the structures for the project

“The purpose of the Cinquefrondi commune is to recover and enhance the properties located in the historic center for which the owners have demonstrated and demonstrate the availability to free transfer in favor of Agencies and / or Societies and / or private persons who are available invest in a complete work of recovery and valorization of the historic center ”, states the city hall in a document.

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