Início » Young music star pulls at our heartstrings

Young music star pulls at our heartstrings

Lu Feiran

Miumiu, 6, sits in front of a white wall, holding a guitar almost as big as she is. With the first strum of the strings, listeners are captivated. She launches into the prelude solo of “Hotel California” — the 1994 “Hell Freezes Over” version.

The song is on a YouTube video entitled “One Girl, One Band.” It has turned Miumiu into something of an online sensation, with more than 2 million viewers.

Both common listeners and professional musicians are captivated by the music Miumiu plays. (Ti Gong)

In the video, Miumiu begins to slowly emerge on the screen. She is the lead vocal, background vocal, drummer, bass player, acoustic guitarist, and she even plays the maraca. The song ends with a fluid electric guitar solo.

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