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India may lose call center superpower due to the pandemic

Rute Coelho

India’s late response to the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many international companies to move their business to other countries. Poland, Europe’s biggest outsourcing power, is trying to take India’s place, reports Financial Times

The chaotic way in which India decreed mandatory confinement in late March prompted many international companies to consider the need to move their call centers from New Delhi to other locations.

The challenge for Indian operators now in teleworking is proving enormous because of the lack of infrastructure and the constant cuts in electricity and internet service.

Poland, the largest European power in call center and outsourcing services, and one of the top 5 countries in the world in this area, is India’s rival state with the best conditions to take advantage of the Asian giant’s spot, according to the Financial Times.

“I believe that the big companies will think: ‘If we operate globally we also have to have our workforce distributed in a more uniform way,” a manager of a computer group that has operations in Poland and India told the newspaper .

“Indian outsourcing operators do not have fast internet at home because it is very expensive so we had to provide them with SIM cards, laptops and pay their phone bills so they can work remotely,” an Deustsche Bank executive explained to the Financial Times.

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