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Workers criticize relationship between Zuckerberg and Trump

Can workers change Facebook’s attitude? Many think so, protest and criticize Zuckerberg for putting Trump at ease.

The big tech companies (and innovation-based startups) have long fought for the best talent to stay ahead of others, to have the algorithms or the strategy that makes the difference and loses in winners.

It was from there that the terms employer branding proliferated – where companies try to be attractive and captivating to the best employees – and it was from there that Google and company made office spaces as comfortable as ever, with spaces for entertainment, leisure and free food.

That is why the behaviors of a company or its mission, at the end of the day, can both fall in love and bring employees from rival companies and drive them away. In this context, Mark Zuckerberg is facing a gigantic reaction and, probably, worse than the one he faced at the time of the Cambridge Analytica case of some of those responsible for various areas of Facebook.

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