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America of opportunity turns to iron and fire

Clashes, fires and looting in several cities mark protests. African-American police killings were the trigger for a multiracial rebellion.

The wreckage of “El Nuevo Rodeo” will be the most symbolic of the chaos that has engulfed the United States. Smashed, black, a skeleton, the Minneapolis club was the workplace of George Floyd, 46, the ill-fated black victim of unexplained police abuse, eight days ago. A year ago, I was doing extra shifts there, a history of improving the end of the month. I went on Tuesdays. Other nights were covered by a policeman, on gratuitous service. Derek Chauvin. The man who killed Floyd, with his knee asphyxiating his neck against the asphalt.

The Nuevo Rodeo may be a strong image of what it has become, since Floyd expired after pleading that he could not breathe, a country of deep inequalities and latent anger. The hell. And it already takes six days to burn.

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