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Young people in Angola stress importance of social confinement

They are young. With a degree or almost there. When they are not working or studying, they go out to have fun. They go to parties, visit family and friends. They exchange information about the news that hit the network and the releases of the film industry. Going to the movies or dining out is not exactly strange to them. In general, it can be said that they have an active social life. Something normal for people in their age group. They are members of societies like ours, where sharing emotions and exchanging affections is part of the way of being and being.

With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, reality changed abruptly. For them and for all Angolans. For Humanity. The entry into force of the State of Emergency implies a strict observance of social confinement, although not everyone experiences it in the same way. Today, we bring to the print the essential of the conversation held, through social networks, with 7 young people living in Luanda, who answered, from April 15th, to six questions about the implications of the State of Emergency, with an impact on social confinement .

Ivandro Mauro Fernandes, 26, is a lawyer. Since the beginning of the first phase of the State of Emergency, he has moved only to “emergent and isolated situations.” The last time I left was last week, to go to the supermarket. I haven’t been out for a week. “He argues that it has been difficult, on the one hand, but, on the other, it has resulted in a” moment of learning and self-discovery. I have been trying to explore, above all, my more creative side “, he says, showing himself quite surprised by the results.

Read more in portuguese at Jornal de Angola

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