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Portugal: Portugal Fashion returns to Porto this week with 34 shows

The 52nd edition of Portugal Fashion starts this Tuesday in Porto and for five days, 34 fashion shows, four presentations on the sector, ten events, a professional showroom, exhibitions and an industrial roadmap are planned.

The first day of the fashion event will not have shows and the highlight of the organization falls on the “presentation of the methodology of strategic reflection with a view to building the RE.PORT Portugal Fashion Strategic Plan 23-26,” according to the press release sent on Monday.

On Wednesday, the first shows will start at 14:00 at Rua Latino Coelho 37/93, with the presentation of the collections of designers and brands such as Sava, Yeside Laguda, House of Wildflowers, Bloque and Ntando XV.

Most of the shows in this edition will take place at Rua Latino Coelho, instead of the Alfândega do Porto building, as has been the custom in recent years.

The first day of shows also includes the presentation of the collections of the young designers Andreia Reimão and Kaya Magalhães, who won the Bloom contest, a platform dedicated to emerging designers in Portugal, ending with the shows of Olooh, Wuman and Ahcor.

Also on the first day of the event, at 12:00, at Norteshopping shopping centre, in Matosinhos, the event “Portugal Fashion Show Off” will take place, with a ‘showroom’ where some brands of the event will be presented.

The fashion show of the creator duo Marques’Almeida opens the second day of events of Portugal Fashion.

In the afternoon and evening, the catwalk will showcase the new collections of designers Katush, Nuno Miguel Ramos, Susana Bettencourt, Nopin and Eric Raisina.

Katty Xiomara will present her new collection on Friday, at Grande Hotel do Porto.

The designers Miguel Vieira, Digo Miranda, Pedro Pedro, Estelita Mendonça, Carolina Sobral, Awa Meite and Pé de Chumbo will present their new creations on the same day, but at Rua Latino Coelho.

Luís Onofre, David Catalán, Hugo Costa, Alexandra Moura, Maria Gambina, Sophia Kah will present their collections on Saturday, the last day of the event.

The 52nd edition of Portugal Fashion also presents at 13:00, in the WOW (World of Wine) venue, in Vila Nova de Gaia, the work of artisans from Freixo de Espada à Cinta.

The last edition of Portugal Fashion – from 11 to 15 October – was held with half the budget and that was reflected, for example, in the reduction of models, as well as the extinction of the live broadcasting of the event.

Portugal Fashion has an average budget of around €900,000, but in the 51st edition it had an available amount of €450,000, a cut justified by the end of Portugal 2020 European funds and the fact that, at the time, applications for Portugal 2030 funding had not yet opened.

On 9 October 2022, the head of the national association of young entrepreneurs (ANJE), the entity that organises Portugal Fashion, said that the fashion initiative might not be held in 2023 due to lack of European funding.

Portugal Fashion is an initiative to promote Portuguese fashion, both original design and industrial.

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