Início » Lawyer for the woman who accuses Dani Alves of rape: “They thought no one would believe it…”

Lawyer for the woman who accuses Dani Alves of rape: “They thought no one would believe it…”

The lawyer for the young woman who accuses soccer player Dani Alves of rape, Ester García López, said in an interview with the Brazilian portal UOL Esporte that the player “did not use a condom” during the alleged act and said that her client is receiving psychological support, revealing details on the testimony of the woman who “fears having her identity revealed”.

“She is receiving psychological support through a public entity specialized in treating victims of violence. The hospital prescribed a whole course of treatment aimed at avoiding any type of infectious disease, because no condom was used. She is also having treatment to be able to sleep but she told me that she can’t do it. Luckily, she left the disco by ambulance and went directly to the Central Sexual Assault Unit. Contrary to what happens to most victims of sexual violence who, out of disgust, wash their underwear, she didn’t even have time to think about it. She was quickly attended to while the evidence remained there, ”explained the lawyer.

“My client gave a concise statement, without any contradiction, and that is very rare. Many women suffer from post-traumatic stress and forget details, but that doesn’t invalidate the truth. In her case, this did not happen. She remembered everything from beginning to end. This, together with the possibility of Mr. Alves escaping, who has a favorable financial condition and dual nationality, were decisive for his arrest ”, she pointed out.

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