Início » Hong Kong cancels quarantines for those infected with covid-19 from January 30

Hong Kong cancels quarantines for those infected with covid-19 from January 30

The Hong Kong Government announced today that, as of January 30, those infected with covid-19 are no longer required to comply with quarantine, putting an end to a measure in force for almost three years.

Currently, those who have covid-19 are required to be isolated for five days at home or facilities designated by the Executive.

“The Government will adopt a management system that allows citizens to make the decision and assume their own responsibilities,” Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee told MPs in the territory, quoted by the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post.

The leader of the Chinese administrative region stressed that the decision “is based on science and risk assessment”, adding that this “is a necessary phase for all countries on the way to normality”.

Lee cited the “high vaccination rate” in Hong Kong as one of the factors responsible for the decision and noted that the epidemic situation in the city “has not worsened” since the reopening, this month, of the land border with mainland China.

Hong Kong announced in December the end of the three-day quarantine for those arriving from abroad, three months after hotel quarantines were no longer mandatory. Medical observation in a hotel unit reached 21 days.

Currently, the mandatory use of a mask in all public places remains in force.

Hong Kong, which has applied strict restrictions against covid-19 – although more relaxed than mainland China and Macau – has so far registered 2.84 million cases and 12,965 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

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