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Macau will launch campaign to attract foreign visitors

The deputy director of the Macau Tourism Bureau announced today that the government will soon launch a campaign to attract more foreign tourists to Macau.

Without going into details, Cheng Wai Tong announced that there will be more offers for those who decide to visit Macau.

Cheng Wai Tong, Deputy Director of the Macau Government Tourist Office

“Regarding the overseas market we will soon launch a “buy 1, get 1 free” campaign to attract more tourists from overseas countries to Macau. This campaign will be associated with the resumption of Air Macau’s overseas routes. We will also create packages for foreign tourist groups, in addition to the plans for tourist groups from the interior of China,” he said.

Cheng Wai Tong’s statements to TDM-Radio Macau took place on the sidelines of the Forum program of Ou Mun Tin Toi, TDM’s Chinese-language channel, dedicated to the theme of local tourism recovery.

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