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Ronaldo and Al Nassr. The link that could weaken Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo is one step away from signing a millionaire contract with Al Nassr, from Saudi Arabia, which will earn him around 500 million euros in two and a half seasons – he will already be in Riyadh in negotiations. But if the wedding takes place, this union could create a major imbroglio with the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), since the news released yesterday in Spain indicates that the agreement with the Saudis implies that he becomes an ambassador of the Arab candidacy for 2030 World Cup… the same competition for which Portugal has already presented a project together with Spain and Ukraine. In other words, there may be a real conflict of interest.

The various sources heard by DN do not believe that this scenario (of becoming an ambassador for a Saudi candidacy against Portugal) will happen, not least because this transfer to Al Nassr comes at a time when Ronaldo is more questioned than ever – including in the image of a good professional that he always had and captivated -, he has his back turned to Jorge Mendes – a businessman and friend who has always had nothing to do with this business, according to DN – and after the departure of Fernando Santos from the command of the selection in clear conflict with the captain.

Not only the image of CR7 playing in the Saudi league could be a strong ally of the candidacy of the Arabs (it has not yet officially advanced), as if it were verified that the Portuguese captain would show his face, this would open wounds within the Portuguese Football Federation Football (FPF), as it will go against Portugal’s desire to organize the Football World Cup for the first time.

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