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Macau no longer has isolated areas, after five days without new cases of Covid-19

Macau on Saturday came out of a partial lockdown enacted on July 11 in line with Beijing’s zero-case policy and now has only 15 “code yellow” zones.

Macau no longer has isolated residential buildings due to the Covid-19 outbreak after the Chinese region recorded zero new community cases in the past 24 hours for the fifth consecutive day. The New Type Coronavirus Contingency Coordination Center confirmed Thursday that isolation and control measures have been lifted on all “code red” buildings.

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Macau now has only 15 “code yellow” zones, whose residents are required to undergo periodic nucleic acid tests, the center stressed in a statement. In another statement, the center revealed that three new cases were detected on Wednesday, none of which were among the local community.

At a press conference, Leong Iek Hou of the New Coronavirus Type Contingency Coordination Center stressed that two of the new cases were found in isolation medical facilities, with the third detected in a medical observation hotel.

“They had already been there for a few days, so they do not pose a risk to the community,” Leong argued.

Macau came out on Saturday from partial confinement, enacted on July 11, in line with Beijing’s zero-case policy.

The so-called “consolidation” phase, which ended on Saturday, will be extended for three days until August 2 to allow for the analysis of all samples collected during a new population-wide test at the weekend. But Leong Iek Hou revealed this Thursday that if there are no new community cases, starting Saturday the population will be able to wear surgical masks outdoors.

Due to a new outbreak of covid-19, which already has about 150 confirmed cases so far, Macau is again at a standstill, with the vast majority of the population at home, schools and civil service closed, China, June 24, 2022. Commerce, much of it already closed for good and others are closing doors again, and the second round of mass testing runs until midnight tonight.

Currently, all adults are required to wear “KN95 type or higher standard” masks when they leave the house.

The head of the Police Affairs and Public Relations Liaison Division of the Macau Unitary Police Service said authorities are “trying as soon as possible to reach a consensus” with the neighboring city of Zhuhai to reopen the borders with mainland China.

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Cheong Kin Ian stressed that “there is no stipulated deadline,” but admitted that the criterion stipulated by the central government – seven consecutive days without community cases – “will be one of the hypotheses.”

On June 28, the Chinese National Health Commission reduced the quarantine period for those entering China from about 21 days to seven in government-designated facilities, and three more at home.

At the start of the current Covid-19 outbreak on June 18, Zhuhai imposed a seven-day quarantine, in designated hotels, for those arriving from Macau. But on July 14, the city, which was also facing an outbreak at the time, stopped accepting quarantined personnel from Macau.

The territory, which had recorded about 80 cases since January 2020, was hit in June by the worst outbreak it has faced since the pandemic began, which infected more than 1,800 people, mostly asymptomatic cases, and caused six deaths, all elderly people with chronic illnesses.

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