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Germany had not suffered a 6-0 defeat for 89 years

Carlos Nogueira

The Spaniards beat the Germans by an unthinkable 6-0, the biggest blow suffered by the Germans in official matches.

This Tuesday Germany suffered the greatest humiliation in its history in official games, when being beaten in Seville, at La Cartuja Stadium, by Spain by unthinkable 6-0. This result also implied that the Spaniards surpassed the Germans in the classification of group 4 and, thus, guaranteed the qualification for the final phase of the League of Nations, which takes place in October 2021, where France is also already.

To get a sense of how scandalous and historic this result is, suffice it to say that the last time Germany had conceded six goals in an official match had been in a 1958 World Cup match in Sweden, in which they lost 6-3 on from France.

If we count on private games, we must go back to May 24, 1931 to find a defeat by similar numbers (6-0), in Berlin, with Austria. And only on March 13, 1909, at the already demolished White House Ground, in Oxford, did Germany suffer worse humiliation when they lost 9-0 to England, but football was still in its infancy and, at that time, was well more developed in His Majesty’s lands.

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