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Bolsonaro threatens Biden with gunpowder and becomes a joke on social media

In a speech that was supposed to be about tourism in Brazil, the highlight was everything but the main theme. Bolsonaro said Brazil couldn’t be a country of pussies, attacked the press and even took the opportunity to threaten Biden with gunpowder in response to possible U.S. trade sanctions.

The Brazilian president’s warlike tone is too frequent to still cause any astonishment, especially when the purpose is to divert attention. While his sons 01 and 02 remain in the crosshairs of justice, Jair Bolsonaro decided to take advantage of the presence of the press to launch more controversies.

If the tone contempt when he mentions the pandemic has been the usual one of the Brazilian presidency and its supporters, the attack on the vaccine developed between Butantan and Sinovac may surprise the more unwary.

But for Bolsonaro, everything is politics with a taste of football. On the one hand, he is the “poster boy” of chloroquine, on the other hand, debiting falsehoods about harmful consequences of the Sino-Brazilian vaccine. Evidence of the benefits of chloroquine is virtually non-existent, evidence of coronavac’s harmful effects also does not exist. Fake news.

Bolsonaro’s homophobic and generically prejudiced discourse has also become expected. Now, he took it out of his toll that Brazil has to stop being a country of pussies. Before the economy couldn’t stop, now it’s “don’t be a pussy”. Careful, people who are afraid, all of those are pussies. And Bolsonaro insists on mixing with the crowds where the use of masks is not a thing. To show he’s not a pussy? A lot of people say so.

In his struggle to show that he is brave and not afraid, Bolsonaro gained courage and challenged the likely next president of the United States.

“Everyone who has wealth can’t say they’re happy, no, they have to watch out for wealth, because it’s full of rascals keeping an eye on it. And Brazil is a very rich country. We have just witnessed a great candidate for the head of state say that if I do not put out the fire of the Amazon he will raise trade barriers against Brazil. And how can we face all this? Diplomacy just doesn’t work, does it, Ernesto? When you run out of saliva, you have gunpowder, or it doesn’t work.”

And so Bolsonaro, who tried to show his courage and bravery, is now the latest joke on the Internet. And with him, he took the Brazilian army.

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