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Civil war in the USA? “It is not out of the question”

The possibility is admitted by the director of the Luso-American newspaper, Luís Pires, who has lived in the USA for almost 40 years.

“Fear is the feeling that, at this moment, is more prevalent among the populations.” The description is by Luís Pires, director of the Luso-American newspaper, a title dedicated to the Portuguese community in the USA, with more than 50 million readers and online subscribers.

Living in Newark, Luís Pires was a correspondent for RTP and TVI. He lived in several North American cities and confesses that today, it costs him to walk the streets of New York. “It is a city that lives in fear, of racial conflicts, of violence, of a possible civil war, which is not out of the question”, he warns.

Fear does not stop with New York. Over the weekend, some commercial establishments in Washington put up protective barriers, fearing clashes after the elections.

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