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Activists will return to the streets of Luanda on November 11

The promoters of last Saturday’s demonstration in Luanda, which was repressed by the police and resulted in the detention of 103 people, on Wednesday called for a new protest on 11 November, Independence Day of Angola.

The announcement was made by Dito Dalí, one of the promoters of last Saturday’s demonstration, in which he claims to have been one of the victims of police aggression.

The protest scheduled for 11 November is taking place to demand the removal of the director of the office of the President of the Republic, Edeltrudes Costa, whose name came up in an investigation into corruption released by TVI.

“We announced that day that we will from now on make the streets our offices, to express our discontent and demand from the President a clarification on the timing of local elections, the removal of Edeltrudes, the president of the National Electoral Commission and demand from the President that he create the conditions to solve citizens’ problems”, said Dito Dalí.

The activist noted that the social and economic situation of Angolans continued to deteriorate, and complaints should be presented to the executive, which has the mission of “attending to the problems facing society.

“We have an executive that closes, a totally arrogant president, who is not open to dialogue with society,” the activist said, criticising the fact that the Angolan head of state had received the president of the National Youth Council on Tuesday instead of “talking to the people who are demonstrating.

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